Our Mission

SpS Invictus, an Italian Company, based in Rome, offers different services on many fields. 
We strongly believe that to develop great products it’s important to have a full view of the necessity, good skills and knowledge.

Military Products

From the experience gained in the military and experimentation, the SPS invictus has developed a department that produces custom parts and assembles mechanical tested in the harshest conditions, always looking to the lightness of the components without sacrificing reliability

Civil Products

The sector R.D. (Research and development), which also operates in the civil has developed the production of type M4 carbines (Ar15), duly cataloged at the Ministry of the Interior, with rods 12.5 "-14.5" -18 "and 24 "in 223 caliber remington, offered in three versions in addition to the one dedicated to the IPSC type races, with the possibility to use the custom shop, more personalized, targeted according to needs and components endless