At SPS INVICTUS all of the six different branches work together to achieve the maximum performance for each products. All single parts are projected, having in mind a real use. Thanks to our expert team both on the military and civilian field, we produce very affordable products.
All the six branches were conceived to test products on the field, compare with other products, have feedback on training courses, check the compatibility with accessories, upgrading to market request.
Our main branches :

- Weapons production, specialized on AR 15 rifles (tactical, sniper, cqb, suppressed, Ipsc , civilian)
- Suppressors production, all certified from the Italian MOD
- Reactive ballistic steel targets, all certified from the Italian MOD (withstand 338 lapua mag at 10mt)
- Ballistic protection for shooting range, shooting house
- Training for Military personnel ; handgun, carbine, sniping
- Accessories sales, international trading

Weapons productions
At the moment we mainly produce AR 15, caliber 223 Remington, 5.56x45 Nato and 300 blackout, using top quality material. All rifles use upper and lower machined from aluminum grade 7075 billet, match grade stainless barrels, gas block stainless pinned, hard chrome bolt carrier group, accuratized trigger group, proprietary system for stock, muzzle brake and hand guard. We offer three standard version using 12,5” and 18” barrels for the civilian model, and many different barrel lengths for the military models, also suppressed.

Suppressor production
Suppressor line, start from 22 lr to 338 lapua magnum, all certified from the Italian MOD. We can produce both stainless and titanium suppressors, using a rear chamber projects. They are quiet, light and add small length on the weapon. They are very efficient on sound reduction ( 30/32 dba), recoil and flash hiding.

Reactive Ballistic steel targets
The first target, was developed for sniping use, to understand if the target was hit at the long range, give an immediately reaction to the shooter, creating a realistic scenario. After we projected moving targets, with wireless control, all terrain, that withstand 308 win at close range, for advance training scenario.
During the years, we developed a large number of models, some specialized for M4 at close range using standard SS109, avoid any problem of shrapnel and ricochet. All the ballistic material are all certified from the Italian MOD

Training for military personnel
Training it’s an important part of the business, thanks to our high skilled instructors; we trained many units, especially on sniping activities, with a very good feedback, thanks to the use of our products during classes. We also offer handgun courser, shotgun, carbine (M4), and specialized courses upon specific request.

Accessories sales, international trading
We also deal on accessories like scopes, bipods, RPd, and all other items needed. We also representatives
for some major international brands, both for military and civilian market.