Every shooter knows that it is very important to have the right training in order to achieve the best results. Unfortunately, even if you have a lot of training sessions, the 'number' of these sessions does not consequently mean a 'quality' training and does not allow you to reach the best possible performance because of a low level of training.
Very often shooters use traditional targets (paper target), that are very useful for beginners or during the first part of a training.
In fact, during recent studies, it was noticed that shooters have a slower improvement rate due to the impossibility to have an immediate response on his shooting accuracy, having to wait until the end of the full exercise to check his results and act consequently.
For advanced training it is therefore very important to use reactive targets

With this kind of target the shooters have an immediately reaction when their shot hits a specific part of the target.
SPS INVICTUS s.r.l, has recently begun the production of metallic reactive targets, even for pistols and rifles, all the materials are certified from the Italian Ministry of Defence.

All these targets are mechanically auto-reset, so that the shooter doesn't have to stop his training to set up his target, saving a lot of time. Even during team training, all the shooters can train without interference with the other shooters, making it a very good method for team long range shooting.
Last but not least, these targets can be used with all kinds of weather conditions, without having any problem with rain, wind etc.; unlike the traditional targets that force the shooter to stop for replacement of the target.


artAutomatic Reset Targe

Reactive steel – auto reset target
Total weight less than 71 Lbs ( 31 kilos )
Battery powered – 24 volts
Automatically reset 1200 times between charges
Made in ballistic steel targets, withstand up to 338 lapua mag

Height: 50 cm
Width: 40 cm
Weight: 32kg


hrtHigh Reaction Target

This target has two different parts which can be used together or not.
You have a plate behind the main target that you can regulate according to exposure. This plate both works as a target down or a mechanical auto-reset.
You can also use only the main target for long range shooting. In fact, on long distances it is very easy to see when you hit the target, also because the target produces a "gong" sound.
This kind of target is very useful for open range shooting. In fact, no matter what weather you have, rain wind etc, you will always have your target ready for your training, without wasting
your time to adjust your paper target.

Target dimensions:

Height: 80 cm
Width: 50cm
Plate: hostage Ǿ20cm
Weigth : 35 Kg
338 Lapua Magnum resistent

shipments worldwide


hatHuman Angle Target

This target has been designed for use with M4 at short distances.
Its special feature is the angled surface that avoids ricochet after the impact
338 Lapua prof is widely used in sniper training especially at long distances.
It 'also available with square surface (SAT cod sh 008) or round (RAT cod sh 009)
inclined too.




Target dimensions:
Height: 140 cm
Width: 35 cm
Weigth : 20 kg

338 Lapua magnum resistent


Target dimensions:
Height: 110 cm
Width: 30 cm
Weigth : 12 kg

338 Lapua magnum resistent

A.R.P. - A.R.P.P.

arp-arppAuto Reset Plate

These kind of reactive targets are all rifle grade, so you can use them either with high velocity bullet or low velocity caliber ( pistols and revolver ).
They are designed to improve accuracy shooting at medium distance (100 to 500 mt).
Both targets are mechanically auto-reset, so it is very easy to understand if the target is hit, and you can continue your training without having to stop.



urpThe URT, is the most recent project of SPS INVICTUS.

It is our answer for all the operator / teams that needed an advanced device to simulate a real Tactical scenario, using moving targets.
Every operator knows how important it is to train on moving targets in order to improve the Tactical skills on the field. This is especially true for advanced and experienced snipers.
This kind of device is able to move easily on the field, at very long ranges (1000 Mt) and it can be equipped with many different targets to simulate different Tactical situations.
It is very reliable due to the minimal use of electronic parts, as the S.P. concept says; "less parts you have..., the less you can brake or damage"!.
The URT, is a moving target, bullet proof class NIJ III ( 7,62 NATO ), with a wireless remote control, that responds up to a range of 1000 Mt, with a velocity ranging from 3 km/h to 9 km/h. A mini-cam is mounted to control direction path of the URT.

Technical info:

Wireless remote control range1000 Mt
Mini-cam with a range up to 1000 Mt
20 km autonomy
class Nij III ( 7,62 NATO )
total weight 170 kg
weight without ballistic protection 90 kg
velocity from 3 to 9 km/h
ramp on request

3d ballistic target 338LM proof

shipments worldwide


hztHot Zone Target